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TechDisc Pre-Order (Shipping July 2024)

TechDisc Pre-Order (Shipping July 2024)

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Measure Spin, Speed, Nose angle, Hyzer angle, Launch angle and Wobble at home in your net or at the practice field.

TechDisc is an innovative new tool to "Know Your Throw" with hardware and software designed by disc golfers to accelerate every athlete's progression in the sport. 

Sensors in the center of a golf disc measure the forces and angles put on a disc. The data is stored on the web app that determines the throw type and calculates 6 throw metrics and a simulated flight.

TechDisc is a golf disc with sensors permanently attached. During assembly we calibrate the entire disc before shipping it out with a quickstart guide and USB-C charging cable.

Preorders begin shipping the 2nd week of June. Look for an update email with more information about shipping timelines on June 1st. 

Learn more on our Help Page.

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TechDisc is a small, sensor puck permanently attached to a golf disc and calibrated during assembly. The sensors capture the disc's full motion data from start of the run-up through release. The sensor data is processed in the cloud to generate throw metrics.

The TechDisc sensor sits below the rim of the disc. During normal usage it never comes into contact with the ground or other objects. The sensor is water resistant, ready for any morning dew or sudden rainstorm.

TechDisc is backed by a 1 year full replacement warranty for manufacturing defects or failure due to normal usage in a net or field. The warranty does not cover throwing into a projector screen, hitting a wall due to a missed or broken net, or rolling into a pool.

The website & app to upload throws from the TechDisc are freely available. Storage of throws and analytics is included for 2 years with purchase of a TechDisc.


TechDisc needs less than 2 feet of free flight to capture enough data to generate your throw metrics. For best results set a mark on the floor that ensures 2 feet or more of space between your fully extended throwing arm and the net.

Throwing into a net is ideal for quickly building up datasets and trying new techniques to see their effect on throw metrics.


TechDisc acts in under 1 second, and will usually transmit data back to your Bluetooth device before it flies out of range.

Throwing into a field is ideal for practicing consistency with a stack of similar discs. Work on your hyzer approaches and include a TechDisc in the stack of discs to measure the consistency of your hyzer angle, speed and spin.


iOS: TechDisc app in App Store requires iOS 16.0 or higher.

Android: TechDisc app in the Play store. Some Motorola devices or older phones may be incompatible.

PC, Mac: Use the Chrome browser and go to


Battery life: 3 hours continuous use

Battery: Internal Li-Ion rechargeable through USB-C (< 500 mA)

Charging: 2 hours to full charge

Connectivity: Bluetooth Low Energy

Range: 30 ft / 10 m

Water Resistant (dew-proof, not dunk-proof)

Final Disc Weight: 175 g

Warranty: 1 year full replacement for manufacturing defect or failure due to normal usage in a net or field.


Practicing with knowledge of performance really does give you the best chance to improve. Look it up!

Sharma DA, Chevidikunnan MF, Khan FR, Gaowgzeh RA. Effectiveness of knowledge of result and knowledge of performance in the learning of a skilled motor activity by healthy young adults. J Phys Ther Sci. 2016 May;28(5):1482-6. doi: 10.1589/jpts.28.1482. Epub 2016 May 31. PMID: 27313355; PMCID: PMC4905894.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping outside North America?

We currently do not ship outside of North America. We plan to offer TechDisc in Europe through partner retailers in Summer 2024. Join our email list (below) if you'd like to stay updated on TechDisc availability in Europe.

Shipping to Canada

We ship USPS to Canadian addresses unless specifically requested otherwise. Reminder that local sales taxes may still apply depending on your location.

Can I install this on my own disc?

No. We permanently install the TechDisc sensor on a disc and calibrate the entire disc before shipping to ensure the data is valid.

What disc molds are used?

TechDisc only measures your throw, the forces and angles you put on the disc, not the flight of the disc. The specific mold does not affect the data.

We try to choose neutral discs in each category that are comfortable for most people. Reach out via our contact page if you want to know the specific molds being used for a specific build, or check out our help page.

Should I start with a distance or fairway driver?

We often recommend starting with a fairway driver because it is the most flexible; it can be thrown like a midrange or like a distance driver so you can work on many more types of shots. You can always grip & throw a distance driver like a midrange, but it may be a farther stretch than using a fairway driver.

Also consider what types of discs you throw most frequently. If you throw exclusively distance drivers, then that's probably the right answer for you.

The choice is yours and yours alone!

What net should I get?

Visionary Disc Golf makes a great disc golf specific net. We recommend the 10' net if you want to work on any overhand shots (Thumber/Tomahawk). Use code "techdisc" to get 10% off your order.

I have a million other questions!

Great! Send us a note via our contact page and we will get back to you. This is really interesting, new technology and we're excited to talk to you about it.